Anna Gerge

I’ve always painted and drawn. The line, colour, rhythm and shape still make me dizzy. In sculpture, all this is combined in the play of lines, volumes and the shape and roughness of the surface. I rest in clay, sculpture, graphics and challenge myself in painting … I am interested in how simple shapes and gestalts that we all can relate to, for example ”the house / settlement”, ”the person / child” and ”the animal / the creature” can express different states and moods. I want to offer gateways for fantasy and daydreaming. I see art as a place of immersion and rest – to look inward – and all that it can awaken. In that conversation – beyond words – over time and space, inwardly and outwardly, in ourselves, with others, we can all participate …


Gravure printing techniques such as etchings, dry points and collography provide opportunities to see and imagine the worlds and the beings of fantasy and fairy tale. Here I can rest in the craftsmanship and comfort and calm myself by telling stories about small friendships and fairy pageant …


Pictures in oil, ink and drawings become gates and entrances to fantasy and fairy tale. From the surface of the image rises a key that the viewer can use to enter the realms of dreams and intuition. How this can happen based on texture, color and rhythm – isn’t that magical?


Sculpture comes closest to my heart – including small tales in clay and larger works that interact with the surroundings.
It is a balance to exist, to stand steady, to resist, to be lifted up or weighted down. We all take our place in the world and together create it with our lives and bodies. By filling in gaps and searching for the various traces that human experience entails, sculpture also becomes an existential exploration. The seemingly simple figure can raise questions – what do you carry with you, who are you, who am I, what do we become together? What is a human being?